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  • National Freight Data

    VicRoads Road Projects

    VicRoadsRoadProjects: This dataset shows the range of projects that VicRoads is undertaking in in the current year to improve the condition and safety of Victoria's roads. This map provides information about projects that are either already underway, are planned to start or will be completed in...
  • National Freight Data

    External Costs of Inter-Capital Freight in Australia

    Paper given to the 33rd Australasian Transport Research Forum, 29 September–1 October 2010, Canberra. Author: Jack McAuley.
  • National Freight Data

    Quality of Rail Freight Service: The Customer's Perspective

    Indicators currently published by Australian railways do not measure service standards from the viewpoint of customers, but rather are based on statistics compiled by management for other purposes.
  • National Freight Data

    Optimising Harmonisation in the Australian Railway Industry

    In the last decade, Australia's railways have undergone an ownership, operational and technological revolution. The establishment of national public and private train operators has finally brought seamless rail freight services across the country. There has been a complementary development in...
  • National Freight Data

    Submission to the Productivity Commission Road and Rail Freight Infrastructure P...

    The submission commences with a brief general discussion of the economics of road and rail infrastructure and some implications for pricing; examines the relationship between estimates of road infrastructure costs attributable to Australian heavy vehicle operators and charges paid, both at the...
  • National Freight Data

    Freight Performance Dashboard

    Mode-specific freight indicators
  • National Freight Data

    A dozen facts about transport in Australia

    This information sheet covers a wide range of subjects, including commuting, freight, rail, energy and safety.
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