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  • Road Safety Data

    Annual Lives Lost on NT Roads

    Annual statistics of lives lost on NT roads based on road user type as at December each year. Shows breakdown of demographics of individuals and whether lives were lost on urban or regional roads.
  • Road Safety Data

    Severe Injuries from Road Crashes

    These data extracts from the Australia New Zealand Trauma Registry (ANZTR) provide summary of tables of severe injury cases (admitted patients with an Injury Severity Score > 12) from participating hospitals. The report has separate tables for on-road transport, off-road transport, unknown...
  • Road Safety Data

    NSW Road Crash Data

    This data provides a view of crash locations and environmental conditions as well as the involved vehicle types and the drivers and people who are injured or lose their lives.
  • Road Safety Data

    First Nations Peoples Road Deaths in Australia

    This dataset contains deaths due to road vehicle traffic crashes and estimated populations for First Nations Peoples (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) on Australian roads between 2012 to 2021. The data can be filtered by remoteness, age group, sex, jurisdiction, road user, vehicle...
  • Road Safety Data

    SA Road Crash Data

    Details of reported road crashes and casualties in South Australia.
  • Road Safety Data

    ACT Road Crash Data

    This dataset only represents crashes that have been reported using the AFP Crash Report Form, and any crashes which have been reported through other channels are not displayed within this dataset.
  • Road Safety Data

    Crashes Last 5 Years - SA

    Crashes for the last 5 years are extracted from the Traffic Accident Register (TARS) for any crash which has enough information to be located. Information has been summarized to enable display and query crashes.
  • Road Safety Data

    Work-related Fatalities Data

    The work-related fatalities dataset includes information on all work-related injury fatalities in Australia, explicitly excluding deaths resulting from diseases, natural causes and suicides.
  • Road Safety Data

    Crash Data from Queensland Roads

    Information on location and characteristics of crashes in Queensland for all reported Road Traffic Crashes from 1 January 2001 to 30 November 2023. Fatal crashes to 30 November 2023. Non-fatal, hospitalisation, medical treatment and minor injury crashes to 30 June 2023 and property damage only...
  • Road Safety Data

    Australian Road Deaths Database

    The Australian Road Deaths Database provides basic details of road transport crash fatalities in Australia as reported by the police each month to the State and Territory road safety authorities.
  • Road Safety Data

    Road Transport Industry WHS Statistics

    The Road Transport Industry WHS statistics include trends in workers' compensation claims, fatalities and other data broken down by jurisdiction and mechanism of injury or disease. It shows a breakdown of fatalities by victim activity at the time of fatality, type of vehicle involved,...
  • National Freight Data

    Queensland traffic data averaged by hour of day, day of week

    Queensland average daily traffic volume data for state-controlled roads broken down by hour of day and day of week as an average volume for the year prescribed.
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