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  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme: Recommended Rates of Assistance for South...

    This Report sets out recommended new rates of assistance to be paid under the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme TFES on eligible southbound cargoes and on northbound shipments of livestock and timber.
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme: Recommended Northbound Assistance Rates a...

    This report presents the recommended new rates of assistance calculated on the basis of the freight rates prevailing at the end of December 1977. The method of recalculation was based on that used by the Nimmo Commission although with some modifications.
  • National Freight Data

    Darwin and Northern Territory Freight Transport Study

    The difficulties associated with defining and funding an acceptable transport system to serve the needs of Australians living in the Centre and North of the continent have proved a continuing area of concern to successive Commonwealth and State Governments. In this study an attempt has been made...
  • National Freight Data

    Transport Elasticities Database

    This resource contains a set of tables measuring demand, time, price, and service elasticities for all modes of passenger and freight transport
  • National Freight Data

    BITRE Truck telematics

    BITRE have provided aggregated and deidentified telematics data on Australian roads and rest areas collected from truck operators who have collaborated in sharing data for research purposes. The data contains information from 1500 heavy vehicles.
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