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  • National Freight Data

    Top 40 arterial road sections for heavy vehicles

    This ranking lists the 40 busiest arterial sections of road in terms of heavy vehicles.
  • National Freight Data

    Top 40 arterial road intersections for heavy vehicles

    This ranking lists the 40 busiest at grade arterial road intersections in terms of heavy vehicle exposure.
  • National Freight Data

    Historic Traffic Data 2015 to 2019 - Main Roads WA

    Network operations traffic data from Main Roads Western Australia for 2015 to 2019. The data provided includes data collected on the Perth Metropolitan State Road Network (PMSRN) at 15 minute intervals. The Historic Traffic Data is table with over 178 million rows and can be linked to the...
  • National Freight Data

    Traffic census for the Queensland state-declared road network

    Traffic census for the Queensland state-declared road network showing annual average traffic counts and heavy vehicle counts.
  • Road Safety Data

    Crash Data from Queensland Roads

    Information on location and characteristics of crashes in Queensland for all reported Road Traffic Crashes from 1 January 2001 to 30 November 2023. Fatal crashes to 30 November 2023. Non-fatal, hospitalisation, medical treatment and minor injury crashes to 30 June 2023 and property damage only...
  • National Freight Data

    Queensland traffic data averaged by hour of day, day of week

    Queensland average daily traffic volume data for state-controlled roads broken down by hour of day and day of week as an average volume for the year prescribed.
  • National Freight Data

    QLDTraffic GeoJSON API

    Traffic and road condition information captured in the QLDTraffic system is available for use by external developers via GeoJSON feeds. These feeds cover Hazards, Crashes, Congestion, Flooding, Roadworks and Special Events and Web Cameras details.
  • National Freight Data

    Live Traffic Motorway Travel Times

    Live Traffic Motorway Travel Times, GeoJSON Popular Data available in GeoJSON format.
  • National Freight Data

    Interactive average daily traffic volume map

    Average daily traffic volume map
  • National Freight Data

    Traffic Digest - Main Roads WA

    The location of traffic count sites across selected roads on the road network. This layer provides the average number of vehicles and heavy vehicles for the latest year of traffic data available. The traffic volumes in this layer are expressed as the average number of vehicles at each location on...
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