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  • National Freight Data

    Regional port catchments for road freight

    This Information Sheet uses freight vehicle telematics data to illustrate the freight catchment areas of Australia’s five mainland capital city ports. The report includes maps showing a sample of private freight vehicle movements, comprising several hundred thousand journeys, to and from each...
  • National Freight Data

    National Formal Rest Areas

    Regular stops and the opportunity for rest breaks are essential for safe driving, and formal rest areas are provided to help drivers manage fatigue and comply with driving hours regulations (by providing an opportunity for sleep and rest breaks). Information on rest area locations and facilities...
  • National Freight Data

    External Costs of Inter-Capital Freight in Australia

    Paper given to the 33rd Australasian Transport Research Forum, 29 September–1 October 2010, Canberra. Author: Jack McAuley.
  • National Freight Data

    Road Freight Estimates by State/Territory

    Paper given to the 31st Australasian Transport Research Forum, 2 October–3 October 2008, Gold Coast. Authors: David Gargett, Afzal Hossain
  • National Freight Data

    Interstate Freight on States Roads

    Paper given to the 29th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 27–29 September 2006, Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Authors: David Gargett, Afzal Hossain and David Cosgrove.
  • National Freight Data

    National road network intercity traffic projections to 2030

    This report provides long-term passenger and freight vehicle traffic projections for intercity corridors of the National Land Transport Network (NLTN) between 2005 and 2030.
  • National Freight Data

    Land Transport Infrastructure Pricing: An Introduction

    The BTRE projects that the total freight task will continue to grow strongly. Such growth will increase the infrastructure maintenance needs and possibly hasten the need for capacity expansion. Setting prices for infrastructure use that reflect costs provides important signals as to the...
  • National Freight Data

    Adequacy of transport Infrastructure: Rail

    This Working Paper is the second in a series of Working Papers which disseminates the results of a large research project into the adequacy of Australia's transport infrastructure over the next 20 years. The assessment covers all four modes of transport–road, rail, air and sea–with the primary...
  • National Freight Data

    Submission to the Productivity Commission Road and Rail Freight Infrastructure P...

    The submission commences with a brief general discussion of the economics of road and rail infrastructure and some implications for pricing; examines the relationship between estimates of road infrastructure costs attributable to Australian heavy vehicle operators and charges paid, both at the...
  • National Freight Data

    Australian Roads Summary Data, 1982

    This Paper contains basic information on the Australian road network, and on certain related data such as travel, expenditure, vehicle stock, and freight movement. The Paper is presented as a summary guide for ready reference to the status and trends of a limited range of road system...
  • National Freight Data

    Estimates of the Task of Transporting Principal Rural Products in Australia in 1...

    The study identifies and measures the transport task undertaken for the principal rural products in terms of three variables: tonnes consigned, tonne kilometres performed and freight charges paid by the users. It is considered the study provides valuable insights into the nature and size of the...
  • National Freight Data

    Freight Between Australian Cities

    This information sheet provides estimates of non-bulk freight flows over seven intercity corridors for the 25 years from 1970 to 1995.
  • National Freight Data

    Estimates of Freight Travelling to and from Sydney along the Hume and Pacific Hi...

    This Paper presents the final results from a BTE survey of trucks passing through checking stations located on the Hume and Pacific Highways in NSW at Marulan and Berowra respectively. The aim of the survey was to obtain information on the quantity and nature of road freight travelling to and...
  • Road Safety Data

    Impact of Road Trauma and Measures to Improve Outcomes

    The Impact of Road Trauma Measures to Improve Outcomes Report 140 presents the results of a BITRE review of the impacts of road trauma. This review evaluated different road safety approaches, both internationally and domestically, and provided a timely stock take of ways that road safety experts...
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