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  • National Freight Data

    Freight Train Movement Data from ARTC

    Train count and speed have been modelled by analysing GPS pings transmitted by trains and assigning them to the nearest point on the nearest rail segment. This data has been summarised by train service and rail segment for publication. The GeoJSON map includes track gauge, length and geospatial...
  • National Freight Data

    VicRoads Traffic Volumes for Freeways and Arterial Roads

    This data shows traffic volumes for freeways (excluding toll roads) and arterial roads in Victoria. The annual average daily traffic volume is provided, including the number of commercial vehicles. The data provided is for 2020, with values derived from traffic surveys or estimates.
  • National Freight Data

    NSW Freight Commodity Demand Forecasts 2016-2056

    These visualisations feature NSW freight commodity demand forecasts by origin at Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3) and origin-destination at Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4). Prepared by Advanced Analytics and Insights, these forecasts reflect growth based on underlying market drivers of freight...
  • Road Safety Data

    ACT Road Crash Data

    This dataset only represents crashes that have been reported using the AFP Crash Report Form, and any crashes which have been reported through other channels are not displayed within this dataset.
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Schemes—Parameter Review 2013

    Bulk wheat freight costs, Trends in bulk wheat freight rates; 2011, Tasmanian Freight Schemes Parameter Review, BITRE, Canberra ACT.
  • National Freight Data

    Road Freight Estimates by State/Territory

    Paper given to the 31st Australasian Transport Research Forum, 2 October–3 October 2008, Gold Coast. Authors: David Gargett, Afzal Hossain
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian freight schemes parameter review - 2008

    In March 2006 the Productivity Commission was asked to 'report on the merits and weaknesses of the current arrangements for subsidising containerised and bulk shipping between the mainland and Tasmania and provide recommendations on an appropriate future approach and/or arrangements.' This review...
  • National Freight Data

    Interstate Freight on States Roads

    Paper given to the 29th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 27–29 September 2006, Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Authors: David Gargett, Afzal Hossain and David Cosgrove.
  • National Freight Data

    Freight rates and competitiveness

    Paper given to the Grains West Expo 2005 at Scarborough Beach WA, 19–20 July by David Gargett, Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics.
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme: Discussion Paper September 1996

    This report examines the appropriateness of established rates of assistance for the shipping of cargo to and from Tasmania and proposes rate amendments for different commodities and different units for the shipment of those commodities. It was undertaken by BTCE as a preliminary analysis to...
  • National Freight Data

    Demand Projections for Auslink Non-Urban Corridors: Methodology and Projections

    The Australian Government's AusLink initiative represents a new approach to planning and funding Australia's land transport infrastructure. Under AusLink the Australian Government will fund projects that have the greatest contribution to Australia's long-term economic prosperity, irrespective of...
  • National Freight Data

    Airport traffic Data

    Monthly and annual details of passenger and aircraft movement data on scheduled regular Public Transport services at selected Australian airports.
  • National Freight Data

    Air transport service trends in regional Australia (2011 update)

    Air transport services in regional Australia.
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme: A 'Landbridge' Approach to the Estimation...

    In order to provide information to assist with the continuing administration of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme TFES, the Minister for Transport directed the BTE to undertake studies of the costs incurred by Australian industries on Mainland interstate long distance freight transport,...
  • National Freight Data

    An Assessment of Tasmania's Interstate Transport Problems

    This study attempts a quantitative assessment of Tasmania's transport disabilities relative to the other States and covers interstate shipping to Tasmania, together with closely related topics such as Tasmanian port operations and freight forwarding. Particular note has been taken of the Senate...
  • National Freight Data

    Road vehicle-kilometres travelled: estimation from state and territory fuel sale...

    This report develops a methodology for estimating traffic levels for each of the eight States and Territories in Australia from March 1965 to June 2010
  • National Freight Data

    Road and Rail Freight: Competitors or Complements?

    Up until the early 1960s, railways dominated all but the shortest land-based freight task. Since then, vast improvements in road vehicle productivity and road infrastructure quality, the gradual removal of regulations restricting road freight carriage and the exponential growth in interstate...
  • National Freight Data

    Filling a gap in rail data: an investigation of the Gheringhap Loop train sighti...

    This paper analyses train sightings data collected at Gheringhap, Victoria, located on the Melbourne to Adelaide main line. These sightings provide an independent source of information on train movements, train lengths, and reliability, and, given knowledge of freight volumes, can be used to...
  • National Freight Data

    Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme: Recommended Rates of Assistance for South...

    This Report sets out recommended new rates of assistance to be paid under the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme TFES on eligible southbound cargoes and on northbound shipments of livestock and timber.
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