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Tags: NSW Energy

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    Regional Development Australia Priority Matrix

    Regional Development Australia Committees (RDAs) work across key priority areas to optimise impact in the regions. The priority matrix is a snap-shot of each RDA’s focus areas. The RDA matrix helps to identify common issues or challenges, and identify opportunities of working together with other...
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    OpenNEM Facilities

    Open Platform for National Electricity Market Data interactive map of facilities and generator capacity. The map uses public National Electricity Market (NEM) data and provides it in an accessible format. This project is part of the University of Melbourne’s Climate and Energy College...
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    Data.NSW provides a searchable catalogue of datasets and resources released openly by New South Wales Government agencies, including a wide range of topics and geographic regions within New South Wales. Users can search the portal using keywords, refine results using filters, or browse datasets...
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    Australia's National Greenhouse Accounts

    Includes latest national emissions data, emissions inventories by state and territory and emissions projections
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