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    Crime Statistics, Victoria

    Summary statistics, maps and data visualisations on crime in Victoria, produced by the Crime Statistics Agency as part of the Victoria State Government. Data is available on type of offences, victims, and demographic characteristics of alleged offenders. Data is available on local government...
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    ACARA Data Access Program

    ACARA collects, analyses and reports statistical and related information about schools and the outcomes of schooling. School profile data tables include information starting from 2008 on each school's suburb, postcode, state, school sector (government or non-government), school type (primary,...
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    National Waste Database and Reports

    Data on Australia's waste generation, recovery and fate for all waste streams and various material categories is available in the National Waste Report (PDF document) and the National Waste Database (Excel tables). Both the Report and the Database present information at national and...
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    PHIDU - Social Health Atlas

    From Public Health Information Development Unit's (PHIDU) homepage, users can access a range of resources including the following. Data workbooks in Excel (XLSX) format and online, interactive visualisations and maps present the latest Social Health Atlases of Australia by a range of geographies,...
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    Property Sales Statistics, Victoria

    The Valuer-General Victoria releases annual and quarterly property sales statistics. The annual release includes comprehensive sales data over a 10-year period for Local Government Areas (LGAs), suburbs, and other Victoria-specific regional breakdowns (e.g., metropolitan versus country...
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    First Languages Australia

    Information and data sources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Includes interactive resources such as the Gambay: Australian First Languages Map. Also includes educational tools and resources for communities working on building language strength.
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    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) data by geography

    This online table lists Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) releases which include data for geographies smaller than the state or territory level, allowing users to find and click through to releases with data available at their desired geography. The releases listed include a...
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    Data.Vic provides a searchable catalogue of Victorian Government open data, including a wide range of topics and geographic regions within Victoria. Users can search the portal using keywords and refine results using filters. Data.Vic is owned by the State Government of Victoria, and is...
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