Harmonised Traffic Counts (snapshot release)

The Harmonised Traffic Counts dataset reports on the number and type of vehicles travelling past traffic counter stations across Australia in a given duration, over time. Depending on the sophistication of the counter and the provider, counts can be by vehicle classification (using the AustRoads 1-12 classification), a 2 or 4-level grouping of the 12-level classification or a simple count of all traffic. 

The data is sourced from a number of providers, either state authorities or commercial data collection facilitators, who publish open traffic counts. Count observations can be hourly, by calendar year or financial year – this depends on what each jurisdiction releases.

The NFDH is piloting the harmonisation and release of this data set, and has combined traffic count information from the following states: NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, and VIC. The extracts linked below are only samples of the full harmonised data set.

Please contact us if you have any feedback, further enquiries, or would like access to the full data set.

The NFDH has also set up an API allow users to query, filter and download summarised data from the full Harmonised Traffic Counts data set.
This can be accessed using the following link: Harmonised Traffic Counts

Some background on the extracts:

  • The data contains station details and observation details (counts). 
  • Traffic counts may be hourly (NSW/VIC/TAS) or yearly (SA/QLD).
  • A station can have multiple traffic counters – please note that counter name is not unique across the board but is unique within station name/id
  • The counter_type column indicates how many of the count fields will be populated and what each count field represents
Counter Type Counting
1 Single count for all vehicles, regardless of class
2 Counts for Light (class 1 and 2) and Heavy (classes 3 to 12) categories
4 Counts for Short (classes 1 and 2), Rigid (classes 3 to 5), Articulated (classes 6 to 9) and Combination (classes 10 to 12) categories
12 Individual counts for each of the 12 classifications

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Field Value
Source https://spatial.infrastructure.gov.au/portal/home/item.html?id=9c754694a1a54deca694759418db8624
Author NFDH
Maintainer NFDH
Last Updated June 26, 2023, 06:28 (UTC)
Created September 8, 2022, 04:04 (UTC)
Asset Type Dataset
AGIFT Theme Transport
Source (Internal / External) Internal
Access Rights Open
Temporal Coverage From 2019
Temporal Coverage To 2021
Geographic Scope States (NSW / QLD / SA / TAS / VIC)
Data Status Current
Update Frequency Infrequently